Reading Sartre’s ‘Being and Nothingness’ While tending

a brush fire:

a poetry collection

by Jason s. Hancock






Grand Observations

grand, sweeping observations from dark, blindered: grand pronouncements.  new reality from conspiracy.  dare judgements/dare manifestos.  utopia/dystopia: opiates.  tend a garden/ tend a fire.  admitted: stars’ ashes.


























Choose a Religion

choose a religion.  human touch, heart, mind.  pick apart such and such (as such): disperse qualms as chaff.  I’ve done it, done it to death (of all of it).  better for?  knowledge of loose ends of unknowable ‘knowledge’.  retrospect upon texts: chaff ever appropriate word of day.


























Duplicity = Currency

duplicity = currency.  here “shall I please you?”/’shall I please you?’ there.  statistical coverage.  polls: tiny speck in opinion’s eye.  speck in eye beyond need to cry; down face and to firmament.  calculated risk:  we’re all collateral (damage).  “But, you’ve yours and I mine”, and twain lies truth.   lies/truth.


























Against Forward

against forward: thought sabotage.  refrain obvious only refrains.  choice(less) ‘conservatism’.  progress understood annuls warily:  all old-new-new-old again.



























seasons more & more similar.  weather even closer & closer.  constant cycle dare not skip.  christ and his cronies at the movies: election year.


























Order Ordered

all order ordered.  triplicate triple checked.  memoir/autobiography/exact history.  none forgotten, except after fact.  catalogue infinite/short listed ephemera.


























Panic at What May

panic at what may.  concluded jump at what: wasn’t/couldn’t/could’ve went wrong.  ‘Lose you, how can I not?’  all of us “I’s” in face of…there’s time yet.


























States of Being

states of being/mental states.  patterns transpose: will/want/wish.  one or other, fully in; how long?  troubled: all is immense.  states follow, symptoms follow.  follows patterns.  exaggerations in each never know.


























Look Back

look back regrets, look forward wisdom.  as tense as if now, and again, again.  pessimism/optimism delineation matters not.  both surround: in/out with memory regret.



























exhausted by own past.  sharp(ness) strikes at/to memory.  recall/relive/revile.  reality: history but, (butts) present.  darker elements shock anew.  short life, middle age; own history to(o) grave.


























Look Back

look back regrets, look forward wisdom.  as tense as if now, and again, again.  pessimism/optimism delineation matters not.  both surround: in/out with memory regret.


























Look Back

look back regrets, look forward wisdom.  as tense as if now, and again, again.  pessimism/optimism delineation matters not.  both surround: in/out with memory regret.


























Orwell Stated

Orwell stated: “All art is propaganda.”  now stated: “All purchases are political.”  wallets readily vote for…really, only, base’s basest concerns.  human life?  only if best deal.  inequality deaths sting powers, all our only available power, less and less.  hoarding change in a hermetically sealed jar.


























Reservedly Read

reservedly read suicided author.  seen with pages as with holy book:  morbid questions/curiosity.  ridicule/ concern.  ends badly.  entirety life’s revelations: a distraught bible.


























Constant Anxiety

(constant) anxiety.  startle/sigh, grasp/twitch.  glare eyes out of own squinched face.  hold on ache head.  ruminating cycles: past thought to…pinched face and pained public smile.


























Another’s Desires

another’s desires.  truly known/unknown.  space & time cross kitchen.  opportunity?  was time did meet.  we met, stayed, now what?  our choices linked, would they link again?



























somewhere amidst now and background.  what done/doing while:  upright bass, lightbulb, footsteps.  concentrate.  just, open filters for fragments…moment.


























States’ Rights

States’ rights.  like your neighbors?  like you?  gas guzzler, hybrid, suv, mini-van, walks everywhere, motorcycle.  Brazilian, Jordanian, English, German, unknown, Polish.  they care, he cares, she cares, don’t even care.  painter, store owner, manager, artist, hairdresser, retired, medical field.  A small Massachusetts town: two neighbors sport stars and bars.


























clean study/studio.  greater: words, art?  same, would seem.  scene varies, varies thought; maybe.  behind desk, facing window, this time of night, mirrors whole room’s functions.



























sadness, world over, apparent.  uninvited.  presents itself as blank face.  pleasant?  happy?  listen…whispered grin.


























Blue-gray Sky

blue-gray sky to grayer, grey/black.  fallen falling shadows.  imperceptible differences.  amid snow, all just beyond focus.


























Old Recording

old recording on record.  ago times speak today/tomorrow.  present presents yesterday/yesteryear.  touch upon earth long dead.  mind’s song un-relinquished.


























Song to Speech

song to speech.  lyrical cords sing to ether of inner.  strong song speaking deep.  beyond words?  rely on word to formulate.  musical/linguistic mind known by heart: non-linear.


























Crisis in this Country

“we’re in a crisis in this country, it’s…they, on the other side, don’t understand…it…us…they, other side of the world, undermine…us…we...our/are superior.  we need more of…we need less of…who will give it to you…us…them?  they won’t, we will, I will, but…it’s up to you…god bless you…god bless America.”



























rhetoric.  enliven debate within debate for (only) debate’s sake.  beyond air- time, feed, post?  vacuum ins and outs.  beyond the day, beyond win of the day, little considered.  repercussions: years to come has arrived, but fare-the-well.  dead when what’s/who’s left takes bath in ever-rising tides.  however: shit level nearly knee high.


























purchase.  new.  shop, distract and feed what?  need more than thing ‘needed’.  why?  makes life better.  in a moment.  consumed by paper trail, sooner or later.  earned to other hands.  all are discounted.


























Routine Truth

revel routine truth.  believe.  belief.  belie. lie (granted).  mind?  heart? deeper?  pacify comfort, and trundle on.  quiet kept all.  an answer, the answer, Answer!  reality: up my sleeve or Up yours?


























All Thoughts

thought read by ‘god’, ‘binary god.’  billions adhere.  ‘he, she, it.’  knows I’m awake, sees sleeping.  shackles locked by own hand to hand to ‘another’.  laughing comeuppance: ‘salvation’ well advertised.



























ineffable: Aristotle’s forms.  ineffable: inspires.  contrast understanding’s contrast.  ether of impetus thoroughly filtered.  I say/I wish to say.  cold air pricks just cut hair on ears.


























History Current

history current.  remember/memorial.  sense opens past.  dread, hard sigh at, “What have I/We done?”  experience:  never again to experience.



























defenses up.  defenseless:  one another.  my co-operation, your cooperation.  Make up in decision, “O.k.?” ‘O.k., o.k.?’  “O.k.”


























Cheap Coffee

cheap coffee; day break.  awoken by its stain drunk down.  helps?  morning?  sky, grey as milk in red- brown mix.



























“Good-bye” to that has not touch, that which quick to judge.  firm rather than firmament.  Like/dislike/no comment.  disappear from there into here:  hands, senses, emotions.



























creativity: an affront.  naked to thee/me.  fewer and fewer times, this world, to(o) mean.  have my visions drawn by my hand. “Here, have my hope’s dreams before you.”



























at the market: money is made been stated ‘made’.  where are we, we are, (supposedly), already there.  devise status quo so thorough.  we re-coup yesterday.  so is nourished the ouroboros.


























Record onto Pod

Charles Mingus record recorded onto pod.  blast on pod’s speakers only sounds of my grandpa’s big bands on a.m. transistor.  equal measure.


























See Another

see another grow who is me (and not).  pictures help, not so much with belongings.  most: reminisce with other responsible and the one.  full all sides perspective.  revel in the old of the younger now older; all together.


























Vanilla Candle & Nina Simone

pungent vanilla candle & Nina Simone.  6 senses submit one to others.  all richness felt/experienced.  thought-layers triumph, travail, and vie.  focus shifts: semblance of balance.  there is granted, there is sought.


























Love’s pain

worse?  silence/shame/scarred.  worry for cared for.  others/self, in light of… do best/most/enough?  anything worse than love’s pain?



























spirit of selflessness: charity/giving.  tug at heart, corner of eyes.  Surprises/wishes connection.  inner through outward…beyond.


























Newborn’s Cry

newborn’s cry: lost past life, new life, life?  in sorrow & helplessness once asked such.  now?  soothe and coo each for each other.


























Know What Happened?

know what happened?  eventuality of myriad no’s.  nuclear code no now trespassed.  numbed to a flinch within constancy of anxiety.  any time left?  robins winter over in New England.


























Ash of Pumice Stone

ash of pumice stone.  calloused HD-travel around/ about/ back to original, ungraspable question.  scrape, slough off.  ashen outlook; wipe us (U.S.) away.  final reveal:  sickened/broken hands can’t serve self or others.


























Brought on Quiet

pain of it brought on quiet.  revolt or rerun, rerun of rerun.  “Our” an enticing, whole mouth word of embrace.  silence’s gold shows limit of gold itself.


























Slow Pace

slow pace history?  +/- 80 upon +/- 80, 80 so years; these intervals of millennia & eon.  slow pace if only something follows from a decided departure point.  explosion, era (less) action (opposing) in-action.  instant no matter.  says, “I couldn’t do it myself/couldn’t have done it better myself.”  marks lives.


























Small Perspective

small perspective held in between blinders, searched infinitely.  proceed, procession technology in easy tracked pace; absorbs and absorbs.  kicked the can on a walk as well as all inspiration.


























Gone Paperless

Gone paperless & my receipt is 2 feet long.  “Do.  Not.  Worry.”  Geek’s got my privacy in mind.  Geek bites the head off virus (countless).  “Mind? MIND!”


























Reach Out

reach out & point met at: history, mind, catch in breathing.  danger in own choir members.  if be a leap: faith, beyond (please).  pushed against own/other’s presuming.  “Please?  Please?”


























An Example

made, as though, in an example distinct.  aspect of reasoned image.  then, reduced, rendered down to innate good/ our innate evil/ their innate good/their innate evil.  the smallest of core belief: magnified thousand-fold.  won’t march under but atop now.


























Pick-up Truck

luxury pick-up truck.  fire engine shine:  sees less action.  sheathed in bed-liner.  corporate driven front:  worker worked in behind.


























Must Have

year’s must haves.  fortune not seen coming.  instant gold mine.  withstand, withstand a little longer.  in a month: ignore corroded batteries & greening rings.


























Adolescent Epiphany

adolescent epiphany; no one knows me.  safe guards may/may not, in time, soften.  #’s of slip-falls: helped up/ (in that) brought down.  define you, we, me.  rewrite/define/re-work: change.  any, each could breed dissent/resent.  we don’t know we: know enough, now, get by.  no-one/none knows.  our so revered commonality.

























Look Deeply

look deeply: good/beauty/altruism (however much a buzzword).  self needs not.  enough of in and of itself.  it be, it knows it be:  invitation enough.  all shown, immediately recognizable:  not so much to/not so much was ever to it.


























Hey, Hey Bullet?

“Hey, hey bullet?  death by keystroke. identity sales/crisis.  our judgement: restricted to worst action of our lives.  evidence: a binary catalogue of our blasphemies.  like/dislike to face to (frown) face (icon).


























Lichened Tree

heavy sigh at lichened tree.  cover of blemishes.  intrusive texture upon texture.  as cloth, hair product, most suitable spectacles.  anyone with freckles, my heart skips/sighs, and I love so.