About Artwork


Color:  I use color to excite, guide, and disorient the viewer in terms of where one's focus lies between what is foreground, background and the over-all composition. 

I find that these factors allow the viewer to be surprised just as much as I am in creating the work.

Themes:  Currently I am working on up-cycled materials in order to expand my creative process.  To present myself with new materials, mediums, and processes has been key to keeping my work fresh, interesting, and enjoyable. 

Whether it's working with house paint returned to hardware stores because the color was wrong, or now with records and their sleeves, opening myself to a kind of "luck of the draw, divination style" approach is a necessity.

There is also the desire to minimize my carbon footprint in this way.  Let's face it, there is a lot of "stuff" already clogging our world and why make things worse?  Up-cycling materials makes it possible to give new life to objects, expand their viability, and keep them from the dust-bin.  I also keep my work small in order to save space, materials, and limit the new materials I use in the process.

The titles are culled from the records and sleeves themselves: I juxtapose different words to make a free associative, dada-istic 'exquisite corpse' like title.  I find that this approach leads the viewer to make associations to the work that, although absurdist, ground the work in playful, surprising ways.

Education:  Attended Cleveland Institute of Art, Ohio, Wheaton College, Norton, MA., and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.  I hold a BA and BFA.