Jason S. Hancock

I was born in South Eastern Massachusetts in the 1970’s.

When I found out I could go to Art School for college in 6th grade, I worked towards that goal constantly.

I wanted to be an artist because I felt that it was something that is honest and brings joy and, most importantly, understanding to the world.

After I had won a scholarship, and second year standing into Cleveland Institute of Art, and attended for a year and a half, with a year break in between, I was hospitalized for the first of many times to come.

Severe Chronic Treatment Resistant Depression with Psychotic Features is my official diagnosis.

My love of art and writing stayed with me, to varying degrees of need and love, through about 3 dozen hospitalizations.

I still feel art is about honesty, joy, and understanding. My art has always leaned closer to a need to expose others to a different way to see the world, and in so doing, being able to better appreciate what the world has to offer.

My writing leans towards mixing absurdity, religion and hypocrisy in general, beauty, and strength of human emotion to bring about change.

Thank You.